Bid now on unique objects in the auction!

Sell something at auction?

Do you have unusual or desired objects that you want to auction off? Through our auctions, you make the highest profits for your objects. At the auction house of Goudwisselkantoor, we’ve been active in looking for and offering unusual objects to our customers worldwide for over 40 years. A beautiful world where the passion of sellers and buyers meets.

Selling with high profits

Naturally, you benefit from the highest possible profit on your objects. Thanks to our years long experience, we have built up a lot of knowledge about origin, materials and value. Together with the richly varied auction assortment and our strong international network, this provides a lot of buyer’s interest and high profits.

But there’s more…

Auctioning with personal attention

At the auction house of Goudwisselkantoor, we combine great auctions of special objects with a personal approach. We’ll do anything to make you feel that you’re not a number to us. We love providing time and attention. To you, as the sender of objects, to the buyers of the object and to the objects that we auction off. It’s in our blood as a family business. We know that together, we are strong. What’s more, we experience that this way, we can also enjoy and be enthusiastic about our work. We can’t do it without you as a sender and without the (potential) buyers. Together, we make auctions a success.

Selling through auction your way

The auction house of Goudwisselkantoor has all the services for successful auctions. You can follow the auctions in the way that suits you. If you have the time and opportunity, then you should definitely experience the relaxed atmosphere of the live auction in Klaaswaal. The beautiful auction house with all modern facilities creates a special auction experience. Would you rather follow your sent in lots from a comfortable chair at home or between busy work? Then you can follow our auctions everywhere using the internet. This way, you’ll immediately know what your sent in objects have earned you.

The auction house of Goudwisselkantoor happily mediates on your behalf when auctioning off your valuables. Do you also want to make a successful auction sale? Then contact us!