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Special objects for you


Do you like to buy special or desired objects? You’ll find them at the auction house of Goudwisselkantoor! We’ve been working actively to find and offer special objects to our customers for over 40 years. A beautiful world where the passion of buyers and sellers meets. At the auction house of Goudwisselkantoor, you’ll find auctions of gold and silver, coins and banknotes, watches, jewellery and jewels, and so on. Our auctions distinguish themselves by a mix of beautiful objects. From commonly traded cheaply priced pieces to unique centrepieces of high value. Thanks to our yearlong experience, we have accumulated a broad knowledge and experience as well as a large network of buyers and sellers from all over the world. Because of this, we know what it’s about. We know much sought and collected objects like no other. But this same network also ensures that we can offer your special and desired objects in our auctions.


But there’s more

At the auction house of Goudwisselkantoor, we combine great auctions of special objects with a personal approach. You will experience that, despite your bid number, you’re not a number to us. We love providing time and attention. To you, to those who send lots and to the objects we auction off. It’s in our blood as a family business. We know how to pull it off together like no other. We experience that this way, we can also enjoy and be enthusiastic about our work. We can’t do it without you and those who send us lots. And we wouldn’t want to. Together, we make auctions a success for all parties.


Bidding and buying

Bidding and buying at our auctions can be done in the way that suits you. Do you like atmosphere, viewing nice objects and experiencing the auction life? Then visit our auction house in Klaaswaal. A beautiful location with all modern facilities for valuations, viewing and auction days. Would you rather bid from a comfortable chair at home or will your busy schedule not allow a visit to Klaaswaal? Our auctions can be following everywhere through the internet and you can also bid that way. This way, you never have to miss out on a favourite object.


Full service

We know the items and manage to always offer beautiful and unique lots in our auctions. Additionally, we offer you a complete service. This means that we have designed our facilities in such a way that it suits you: physical viewing, bidding and buying in the auction room in Klaaswaal, browsing the catalogue online, bidding and buying. And then there’s the options to collect throughout the entire Netherlands. Do you have a valuable object yourself which you’d like to sell or auction off? We’d love to help you do so. Using our free newsletters, we’ll also keep you informed of all the news surrounding our auctions. In short: we love to offer you a full service auction experience.


Where to find us?

The Goudwisselkantoor Auction house is located at our main location in Klaaswaal.

Industrieweg 24
3286 BW Klaaswaal

+31 (0) 186 – 746 746