Take your chance in the aftersales!

How does auctioning work?



You’ll receive a free and non-binding valuation of your objects including advice about sale or auctioning.


Put an item up for auction

If you put up an object for auction, you’ll receive an official signed intake form. This shows all the information about the intake, including the conditions. This way, you know exactly what to expect.


Storage and safety preparation

Your objects are stored carefully, safely and insured in special spaces.

Your objects are carefully described and photographed by experienced valuers and auction employees. The objects are then planned into the auction.



Our auctions are promoted extensively and through various channels at the right target groups, both online and offline. For every auction, there is a neat full colour catalogue that is available for free (online and on paper). A large customer database automatically receives the catalogue. Special viewing days enable (potential) buyers to comfortably view their favourite objects for themselves. The auction takes place in the auction house in Klaaswaal with excellent facilities. The auction can be followed everywhere online, and everyone can participate.



Have your objects been auctioned off? You’ll get a message about the profit of the objects you put up. Payout of the profit of your auctioned off objects happens around 6 weeks after the auction.