Collecting with passion

Are you a collector of coins and/or banknotes? Then we’d love to get you in touch with other collectors of coins and banknotes across the entire world. The De Ruiter family has been operating in the world of collectors for quite some years. The first trade started at the kitchen table, the way every collector starts. It quickly became a trade in coins and stamps. This was soon followed by precious metals, banknotes, art and utilitarian objects for collectors across the entire world. This established international network continuously draws those interested in auctions, including those outside of the fixed circle of collectors. This results in a great variation of customers. We cherish you as a collector and find personal contact extremely important, because it is and remains an extraordinary world with a lot of passion.


Halve gulden van 10 stuiver West-Friesland 1727 - Goudwisselkantoor Vijftig gulden 1945 - c the auction house of Goudwisselkantoor


Actively collecting

To collect is a verb. Because it’s important to complete your own collection and to obtain that single coin or rare banknote that no one else has. the auction house of Goudwisselkantoor offers you plenty of opportunities. We mediate between the seller and the buyer and ensure the seller is as satisfied as the buyer.


Expand a collection

It’s possible you want to expand your collection with a specific coin, medal or banknote. Therefore, keep an eye on our auctions, because we constantly auction off rare and unusual collector’s items. But also the more common collector’s items for sometimes surprisingly low prices.


Sell a collection

Do you want to sell your collection and make a high profit using the auction house? In this case, it’s beneficial to have your collection valued for free in a personal conversation. All year round, there are intake and valuation days throughout the country. Naturally, you can always go to the auction house in Klaaswaal.