Pawn your gold

Pawn your gold

Pawning your gold is a handy option if you temporarily need some extra cash. You can easily arrange it at the Goudwisselkantoor location near you. You can pawn your gold with us throughout the week. We value your jewellery in a discreet valuation room. For how much you can pawn your gold? Our appraiser lets you know immediately. If you agree, you receive an official pawn certificate and the amount immediately in cash.

Would you like to pawn your gold?

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What gold can you pawn?

You can pawn all sorts of gold at Goudwisselkantoor:

  • Gold jewellery
  • Gold coins
  • Golden bars
  • Gold watches
  • Diamonds

It is also possible to pawn silver objects at Goudwisselkantoor.

7 reasons to pawn gold at Goudwisselkantoor

Pawning gold at Goudwisselkantoor can be done discreetly and easily. It is for the following reasons that you can be sure that you have come to the right place:

  • Paid immediately in cash
  • Discretion guaranteed
  • No credit check required
  • No registration with the BKR
  • More than 50 offices throughout the Netherlands
  • You remain the owner of your valuables
  • More than 35 years of experience

How does pawning gold work at Goudwisselkantoor

You visit one of our Goudwisselkantoor offices with the gold that you want to pawn. Our experienced appraiser determines its value for you. Based on this value, he then calculates the amount for which you can pawn the items. He also provides a clear explanation of the costs and conditions if you pawn your gold items with Goudwisselkantoor.

Low costs, no commission

The fee that you pay on the pawned amount is only 4.5% per month. You do not pay any commission at Goudwisselkantoor. Thus, suppose you should pawn your gold for 100 euros then you only pay a fee of € 4.50 per month! Take advantage of this opportunity and come along and pawn your gold today.

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Pawn conditions

Please examine the pawn conditions carefully and ask questions if something is not clear. We pawn with a term of three months. This means that you have three months in which you can make use of the proceeds of your pawn. After these three months, you have to repay the total amount (the proceeds from the pawn + the interest) and your gold or silver possessions will then be returned to you. Would you rather wait a little longer before repaying? You can always extend the term of your pawn by an additional three months.

The date on which the pawn expires – the due date – is important. If you fail to redeem or extend your pawn on time, you will have to pay additional costs.

If everything is clear and you agree to the conditions, we finalise the pawn. You must then provide a valid proof of identity.

Pawn certificate and payment

You receive a pawn certificate from us, an important document. When collecting, redeeming or extending, you must always show this pawn certificate. If you lose the pawn certificate, please contact us immediately.

After signing the pawn certificate, we immediately pay out the pawn amount to you in cash. If you prefer a bank payment, that is also possible. We immediately store your pawned gold carefully and securely.

About Goudwisselkantoor

At Goudwisselkantoor we have more than 35 years of experience with precious metals. We have been the specialist in pawning for many years. We know the market well and have a great deal of experience with all sorts of gold. We would like to welcome you to one of our 50 locations spread throughout the Netherlands. Come to us for a free, no-obligation offer to pawn your gold or silver jewellery. Would you prefer to sell your gold or silver jewellery? That is also possible at Goudwisselkantoor.

Find an office near you right away:

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Alblasserdam, Cortgene 2 (Raadhuisplein in front of the town hall), tel: 088-1021001
Alkmaar, Kanaalkade 24, tel: 072-5117542
Almere, Stationsstraat 51, tel: 036-5260901
Alphen aan den Rijn, Van Boetzelaerstraat 51, tel: 0172-497088
Amersfoort, Prinses Julianaplein 71, tel: 033-4610240
Amsterdam, Ceintuurbaan 1, tel: 020-4750737
Apeldoorn, Stationsstraat 160, tel: 055-5217988
Arnhem, Velperplein 12a, tel: 026-3516374
Assen, Stationsstraat 1, tel: 0592-300244
Barendrecht, Binnenhof (Parking place in front of the town hall), tel: 088-1021002
Berkel en Rodenrijs, Herenstraat 3, (opposite Bakkerij Breggen), tel: 088-1021000
Breda, Sophiastraat 11, tel: 076-5139001
Breukelen, Straatweg 82 (Parking place), tel: 088-1021006
Brielle, Ruggeplein (Ruggeplein shopping centre), tel: 088-1021000
Culemborg, Doctor Hockesingel, tel: 088-1021001

Delft, Papsouwselaan 293, tel: 015-2560505
Den Bosch, Orthenseweg 10, tel: 073-6100946
Den Haag, Valkenbosplein 1, tel: 070-3615384
Deventer, Lange Bisschopstraat 78, tel:
Doetinchem, Raadhuisstraat 20, tel: 0314-746001
Dordrecht, Johan de Wittstraat 166, tel: 078-6135115
Dronten, Schans (opposite supermarket), tel: 088-1021003
Ede, Telefoonweg 73, tel: 0318-746100
Eindhoven, Leenderweg 150, tel: 040-2122297
Emmeloord, Lange Nering 91 (in front of Pets Place), tel: 088-1021003
Enschede, Haaksbergerstraat 133, tel: 053-4342447
Goes, Piet Heinstraat 2b, tel: 0113-217666
Gorinchem, Spijksedijk (in front of Praxis), tel: 088-1021005
Groningen, Verlengde Hereweg 1, tel: 050-5255441
Haarlem, Schoterweg 82, tel: 023-5266096
Heerlen, Geerstraat 280, tel: 045-5743970
Hellevoetsluis, P.A. Genestetlaan 2 (Junction Genestetlaan / Rijkstraatweg), tel: 088-1021000
Hillegom, Henri Dunantplein (parking place next to DekaMarkt), tel: 088-1021000
Hilversum, Vaartweg 14, tel: 035-3020900
Hoogerheide, Sint Lucasplein, tel: 088-1021002
Houten, Fossa Italica 61 (Castellum shopping centre), tel: 088-1021006

Katwijk, Tramstraat 112 B, tel: 071-4071815
Klaaswaal, Industrieweg 13, tel: 0186-571366
Leeuwarden, Pier Panderstraat 2, tel: 058-2169444
Lelystad, Noorderwagenplein 10 (‘t Lelycentre shopping centre), tel: 088-1021003
Lochem, Grote Markt (opposite Blokker), tel: 088-1021003
Maarssen, Johannes Vermeerstraat 33 (Pieter de Hooghplein), tel: 088-1021000
Maassluis, Uiverlaan 18 (opposite library), tel: 088-1021002
Maastricht, Wolfstraat 22, tel: 043-304 0507
Middelharnis, Olympiaweg 32 (next to De Staver), tel: 088-1021005
Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Raadhuisplein (In front of the town hall), tel: 088-1021000
Nijmegen, Kelfkensbos 58, tel: 024-3239128
Oud-Beijerland, Molendijk 1, tel: 0186-615550
Ridderkerk, De Genestetstraat 36 (Plein-Oost shopping centre), tel: 088-1021005
Roermond, Willem II singel 90, tel: 0475-746900
Roosendaal, President Kennedylaan 86 (Kroeven shopping centre), tel: 088-1021005
Rotterdam-Centrum, Hoogstraat 197 (In Reclamed jewels store), tel: 010-3020551
Rotterdam-Zuid, Dorpsweg 74a, tel: 010-4803001

Steenbergen, Floraplein 2, tel: 088-1021006
Steenwijk, Stationsplein 1 (Parking place de Meenthe), tel: 088-1021003
Tiel, Veerweg (next to Tiel-Wamel ferry), tel: 088-1021006
Tilburg, Schouwburgring 14, tel: 013-5351480
Uithoorn, Prinses Irenelaan (by Vomar supermarket), tel: 088-1021002
Utrecht, Adriaen Beyerkade 32, tel: 030-2731740
Veghel, Hoofdstraat 36 (Square by Hema), tel: 088-1021006
Vianen, Vijfheerenlanden 61 (de Hage shopping centre), tel: 088-1021005
Waddinxveen, Groensvoorde 2 (shopping centre), tel: 088-1021001
Zaandam, A.F. de Savornin Lohmanstraat 19, tel: 075-6141461
Zevenbergen, Kerkhofweg (opposite the water tower), tel: 088-1021006
Zwijndrecht, Wagenveld (Parking place close to De Passage shopping centre), tel: 088-1021002
Zwolle, Thomas a Kempisstraat 90, tel: 038-4543302

Pawn your gold